About Us

a team focus on helping startups

We are always looking for the best and the least expensive solution


We understand how hard it is to start a business.We have gone through a lot of detours, and we have seen the hardships of many friends who started their own businesses.We want to build a platform to help startups.
Our team has a strong and diverse technical background and has an understanding of various industries related to technology.We use management, psychology, business, AI technology and more to help you find the best solution.We take our customers’ privacy very seriously, and in addition to signing confidentiality agreements, we encrypt documents, chat logs, etc.


Many engineers want to start their own business or join a startup team. They also like challenging technology projects. So we’re building this platform and we’re also trying to help fellow engineers find interesting technical challenges.

We believe: the key of success is to help others succeed

If you’re in the early stages of starting a business, our ideal outcome is to find a solid partner for you. The step back solution is that we can receive engineers who are interested in entrepreneurial projects. It will also be a good solution, if the engineer is willing to take  money or shares to help you get the job done.

Also, we will have some experienced engineers to help you with product analysis and upgrading in the process of upgrading your products.

High Quality

We are familiar with the needs and standards of various industries. We will control the project schedule and quality, assist the completion of the project landing, and become the best technical support of enterprise users.


High Security

In order to protect the privacy and core technologies of the users, we require the signing of the most complete confidentiality agreement. We use advanced Cyber Security technology to ensure the trasmission security.

High Cost Performance

Rather than selecting and hiring an entire team of engineers, we offer project-based freelancers that are more affordable and tailored to our needs.

Talent Screening

Based on PAAS and SAAS model, we build the most professional and high-quality freelancer platform to help freelancer engineers to improve themselves, realize creativity and achieve time freedom. We select the best engineers in the iteration of ideas and requirements.

Technology & Innovation

We provide startup news, activities, and open a forum to provide a platform for communication. We hope entrepreneurs and engineers and other people with insight to inspire each other to form an interactive ecology of technology and creativity.



We use standardization, automation, and artificial intelligence to maximize project order, repeatability, and feasibility. Also, the project is aligned with international and domestic standards, such as ISO, IEC, ITU, RILEM, GB, etc., to connect with the global 4.0 industrial era.

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