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If you are an enterprise user

If you want to post projects, need technology helps, or try to find a CTO

If you are a freelancer

If you are looking for challenges, time freedom, and work place freedom

Let technology and innovation work together

Entrepreneur + Freelancer = Independent and cooperative as “chopstickship”

We understand that it’s hard to start a business and it’s hard to find the right technical partner. We are here to provide you with a platform to find a CTO, also connect you with high-quality engineers to help you do specific projects and product iterations.

At the same time, we welcome freelance engineers to apply for registration, find projects or set up entrepreneurial teams through us.

We will also post useful news and information for startups and engineers. You can build network, share experiences, and help each other in the Creative Engineer Community. 

Product iteration

If you encounter any technical problems during your project/product iteration, try to send them to our platform for the best solution.

search for CTO

You can try to find a reliable technical partner here. We have top engineers from all over the world.

Join startup team

If you have trouble building your own startup team. You can tell us the direction/product you focus on. We will help you match reliable team members.

Online/offline activities

Various skills training courses +  community to help you quickly access to contacts and resources. Hope we can build a culture of mutual help and sharing.

1. Register

We will contact each business registrant to complete the demand survey and provide one-to-one customized services;At the same time, we also conduct identity authentication and remote interview for every freelance engineer who applies to join, ensuring good communication and problem solving skills.

2. Projects

We will sign the strictest confidentiality agreement to ensure that your technology and privacy will not be disclosed.

At the same time, we have a professional team to supervise the whole process and assign the project to the most suitable engineers. Meanwhile, we strictly manage the project schedule and assist in the completion of acceptance to ensure the delivery quality and customer satisfaction.


3. Startup News & Community

We will share entrepreneurship & technology related information and open the Creative Engineer Community. Meanwhile, abundant online/offline activities and training courses will be held from time to time.

Hope we can build a community willing to share.


"The project delivered by Creative Engineer has very high quality. It is a trusted online technolgy platform strongly focusing on customer satisfaction and privacy"

– Ali Sayed

Case Study

 The technical services of Creative Engineer include software, hardware, design, management, etc.
Here we present our latest developments for case study.


Charging Pile Project

  • Tech consuling
  • Product upgrade

Smart Watch

  • Solving problems
  • New tech applying

Industrial Design

  • Competitors Analysis
  • Product Design

Top Freelancers

We have top engineers and project teams from all over the world, from analysts, designers, project managers, to hardware engineers, software engineers, database and data analysts…

John Cooper

John Cooper

Java Developer

3 years experience of software development for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch

Anna Hsieh

Anna Hsieh


As an award-wining design and creative director with 15 years of experience.

Bob Adams

Bob Adams

Python Developer

With a bachelor’s in physics from Princeton and a Ph.D. in physics form Stanford.

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